Birds of a Feather: Using iTouch and iPhones for Teaching and Learning

  • Tuesday, 6/28/2011, 5:00pm–6:15pm

Location: PACC 108

Official Description: Bring your iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone to participate in a discussion about useful applications and how to use them for learning.

General Blurb:
  • Bring your itouch / iphone / ipad to participate in discussion about useful applications and how they can be used for learning.

Panel Members: (TBD)

Vendor Mention
  • Ben Cahoon - LanSchool

  1. Introduce Panel Members
  2. Introduction of - History and Vision - Scott Meech
  3. Organizational Announcements - Status Update
  4. #EDAPP and #IEAR Hashtag
  5. Community NING - Judi Epcke
  6. Top 10 Lessons Learned from the IEAR community
  7. Mobile Reach Podcast -
  8. LanSchool - Sponsor IEAR NING
  9. iSchool Initiative - Travis Allen
  10. Some thoughts from SMeech and IEAR?
    1. What could 1to1 look like with iPads? - EPUB Format
    2. Classroom Management Tips - EPUB Format
    3. Accessories E-PUB Format
  11. Audience App Review: Audience must bring up device and please do not worry about the price!
  12. Ways to Get Involved in and Future Vision of Scott Meech